Finance Department


Finance department is headed by the Finance Officer, not below the rank of Under Secretary posted on deputation from Finance Department of Government Secretariat.  The department deals with EPF, Accounts, Budget and Audit.

Prime roles of the department are processing of bills (invoices) against the various services provided to the clients, collection of amounts against the bills generated, disbursement of wages, remittance of EPF & GST etc.

Bills pertaining to ‘Security Services’ and ‘Manpower Provisioning’ are prepared based on the attendance statement received from respective establishments (Principal Employers/clients), where ESM and their dependents are deployed, in accordance with the work order / agreement executed between the Corporation and Principal Employers.

As a matter of policy, the attendance of a month should reach the Corporation by e-mail on first / second working day of the next month; and bills to this effect should be submitted to the Principal Employer within next four working days by return e-mail and followed by hard copy by post, where required.  Payment thereon received from the Principal Employer is disbursed to the respective ESM staff on the next working day of receipt after detaining the amount pertaining to statutory charges like GST, Service Charge, Provident Fund subscriptions etc. All Principal Employers may transfer the bill payments through net banking and intimate the details of payment by e-mail for early release of payment to the beneficiaries.

Monthly pay slips are uploaded on the website after preparation of paybills. Please visit Employee Portal/Pay Slip under Facility Management for down loading Pay Slip. Queries related to payments received from the employees by e-mail /letter by post are attended to within a week. Bills pertaining to other services/projects (i.e. House of Skills, Uniform & Garments Manufacturing project etc) are processed in a different way in terms of conditions incorporated in the respective agreements. However, wages of ESM and their dependents working with Uniform & Garments Manufacturing units are disbursed before 10th of every month.

In the case of Solar Panel Installation project, wages of participant ESM are disbursed on completion of their work. Preparation and submission of Annual Financial Statements and statutory audit reports rests with the Finance department. Ex-gratia payments to the deceased out of EPF are processed by the EPF section of the department immediately on availability of requisite documents.